[AD]VANCE[D] "24"

[ad]VANCE[d] is the brainchild of MARS F. WELLINK from Arnhem, NL, active since many years as a part of VANCE ORCHESTRA and graphic & printing designer. A master of loopy trance-inducing collages. On this new 10inch in our series dedicated to the UNKNOWN he and Jan Dekker transformed "every day" environmental recordings from a full day (24 hours) of their existence into a surrealistic collage.

Listen to a unique atmospheric travelogue, the aural world seen from a subsconscious perspective. Great cover-collage by ROBERT SCHALINSKI (COLUMN ONE). 500 copies pressed in 'flamed solid white & black' colour.

"Quite a curious record, which I like very much, I must say. An excellent record of radiophonic qualities - somebody should invite them to do a radioplay." [FdW/Vital Weekly]