"To know how to listen. Even to silence. It is very difficult to listen to the other: others in silence. Other thoughts other signals other sonorities other words other languages."
[Luigi Nono]

"Reality is a circuit of signals, of cause and effect links. The introspection provoked by electronic music leads to the origin of these signals, the source of all...
...To be as the surface of a polished mirror, as a calm water. Calmly to look into yourself. In absolute stillness the deepest level of the real is revealed. All layers of reality unfold as petals of a rose. In this place is contained the whole infinite universe as a single point and the solution to the main enigma. Here lies pure Existence, without cause, beyond reason or sense. Thru a dive into our essence, the force that maintains us, we find that our spirit exists, it is perfect and self-complete, being all and in all, infinite and eternal, the satisfaction of all possible will. No force can alter our spirit.
It is said that all people go every night to this place, in sleep, but we don't remember this moment, because there is no stable link with our daytime state of awareness."
[Marcel Gherman]

"Music is prophecy. Its styles and economic organization are ahead of the rest of society because it explores, much faster than material reality can, the entire range of possibilities in a given code. It makes audible the new world that will gradually become visible, that will impose itself and regulate the order of things; it is not only the image of things, but the transcending of the everyday, the herald of the future."
[Jacques Attali, Noise: The Political Economy of Music]

"So it seems that all the forms existing in the universe: plants, trees, minerals, animals, even our bodies have their shape created by resonating to some specific frequencies in nature. In a very real sense then, at the core of our physical existence we are composed of sound and all manifestations of forms in the universe are nothing else but sounds that have taken on a visible form. The music must become aware of the subtleties of its effects. There is no doubt that the body metabolism functions primarily via a combination of electrical frequencies, pulse rates and biochemical hormones. The brain is dependent on input. There is nothing else but sound, all that exists is vibration. My goal is to expand music until there is nothing else but music. If an idea can be proposed, it can also be realized."
[Zbignew Karkowski]

"It is in this way that musique concrete, isolationist, minimalist, and drone music that is currently gaining increasing attention has the potential not only to turn technology on its head but carve new pathways between our understanding of social organization and the power to facilitate the listeners or makers travels into nonordinary states of reality...
If revolution is preceded by the widespread imagining of infinite possibilities then the realization of these possibilities through the facilitation of the drone underlines our need to reconceive notions of revolution. Rather praying to the sterile concept of reappropriating technology in the cause of liberation, we can recognize that the reappropriation itself within our own temporary autonomous zones is the process and substance of revolution. To transcend linear reality work, domination,etc is to transcend not only capitalism but all unified hierarchical political/ social systems."
[Robert Ovetz, ULTRASOUND]

"The further we distance ourselves from what once directed the idea of "music" (a coherent sonic body that relates to a present social body) the clearer we can now recognize certain forms of sound realizing multi-layered relations of time and space."
[Achim Wollscheid]

"Gerade im tonlich Unscharfen aber, gerade im Unscharfen wohnt das Erhabene, das Schöne, um dessentwillen es sich lohnt zu leben."
[Christian Kaden, Das Unerhörte und das Unhörbare]

"...hier bietet sich die Vorstellung von einer Musik an, die sich sämtlichen Diskursen verweigert, die einfach nur als eine Art Schwingung, als eine Art imaginär Anderer auf einen zukommt, als fremde Stimme in einer Sprache, die wir nicht verstehen und auch nicht verstehen müssen. [...] Das in diese Musik gelegte Angebot meint nicht Versöhnung, eine heuchlerische Versöhnung mit dem Gegebenen, wie Pop sie gerne anbietet, sondern Auseinandersetzung. Je weiter weg vom Konkreten, vom "konkret" gewordenen Pop unserer Städte, desto eher kann Musik uns wahrscheinlich dazu bringen, das Profane im Konkreten zu erkennen: Die sexy Verpackung des Kapitalismus. Und dagegen vorzugehen."
[Martin Büsser, Anti-Pop]

"In unser mit Mainstreammusik zugemüllten Welt findet der Musikpilger nur noch in der Stille oder in befremdlichen Klangstrukturen Spuren eines Gottes, dem total Anderen...
Informationen sind nicht nur Texte/Bilder, jeder Klang, jede Melodie kann zum Träger/Medium von immergültigen Informationen werden...
Ein neuer Klang, eine neue Komposition besitzen revolutionäreres Potential als ein geschriebenes Manifest."
[Roman Castenholz, BILDSTÖRUNG Nr. 11, 2005]