There is a concept common both to the cyberpunk movement and Indian spirituality, notably the works of Sri Aurobindo, that perception of reality thru senses does not guarantee its truthfulness, because senses are only bioelectrical signals. At the same time, our consciousness exists, the fact that we are conscious of ourselves and the world is real. Within the substrata of our perception hides the real essence of reality. It is the most obvious and the deepest at the same time. The substrata of reality, we can call it silence as for sound, ether or existence. Every person perceives an intuition of the perfection of the substance of reality always, every moment of life, as a certain feeling of fulfillment and joy that overcomes all waves of the surface existence. Silence is the greatest mystery. It is the sum of all possible sounds. By studying the essence of silence we understand that silence exists and it is perfect, silence has not and cannot have no beginning and no end, it is omnipresent, infinite and eternal, and satisfied, the omnipresent link that unites the whole universe and makes separation and multiplicity unreal.

Every person that comes to this world, since the early moments of life, is involved in a process of exploring and understanding the world and him(her)self. There are obvious questions, as who we are, what is this world, what are we doing in this world, and also another question, where do we come from. What is the origin of all things, the beginning of all. The entire process of knowledge thru logic and deduction is a search for a cause, an origin, a beginning. If there is a beginning, a primordial cause, then what is the origin of this beginning, how could this primordial cause be created from nothing? Then we understand that there is not and cannot be a beginning. If there would have been a primordial cause then it would just be since ever, because it could not have appeared from nothing. And if there would have been an infinite chain of cause and effect, then the common element and the continuity, the principle that determines this infinite chain as a single point would just exist by itself. There cannot be a beginning, and if there would be a beginning, then it would be the whole infinity of infinities as a single point, all possible worlds as one. The substance of reality has no beginning in no dimensions, it is already everywhere, in every time, space and possible circumstance, and so it has no end, it is already in every place it could be in the future, infinite and eternal, and so perfect, self-complete and satisfied.

It is said that the Omkara, the primordial sound that created the universe, is compared to the sound of a bell, rising from nothing and returning to infinity. As described in Mandukya Upanishad, this sound consists of three elements, beginning, middle and end, and there is a fourth hidden element that is the sublevel of the first three, the common space in which the first three elements occur. The threefold elements can be described as past, present and future, the forces of creation, maintaining and destruction, the three Gunas or basic attributes of human nature, the conscious states of awakeness, dream and deep sleep, and the fourth element represents their real essence, the sum of &xnbsp;the threefold elements as one. Maitrayana-Brahmaya Upanishad describes the threefold elements as unreal, and the fourth element as real, the truth.

Electronic music, as all manifestations of impersonal art, is a form of spiritual discipline. As an instrument of introspection, it offers access to deeper layers of reality and human spirit. As human memory functions thru association, we recall things in the moment when we find similar things, the impersonal sounds of electronic music can trigger unknown parts of a person's memory. There is a concept that reality is a network of signals, of cause and effect links. Sometimes these same signals can be perceived differently, rearranged, this is the case of the state of dream and trance. As every track of electronic music is a model of the universe on an impersonal level, a “machine-level” of reality, electronic music can evoke different levels of reality and instigate to a trip to the origin of these signals, the source of all, the place where the whole universe is a single point – the center of all possible worlds, and where lies the solution to the main secret. It is said that all people go every night to that place, in sleep, but we don't remember this moment, because there is no stable link with the daytime state of awareness.

We lose and find ourselves countlessly. Human soul voluntarily lost itself by coming to this world and it tries to find itself again. The world is a trip from oneness thru multiplicity and back to unity. Apparently, there is no sense in it, we return to where we came from, we return to the perfection which we left. But the sense exists. To find within this world of the perish- able a living proof of the real nature of our spirit, of what is eternal, this may be a possible sense for the human life. To find the infinite within the finite, the whole within the part. To find thru suffering and loss what cannot be lost or destroyed. Life is just a game, a serious game. Somehow we never lost ourselves, there was always a part within us that was always strong. It is important in this contemporary world to find something indestructible that cannot be lost.

The material world is an illusion. Life is just a game, and this is the most serious way to be. The purpose of life is already won and cannot be lost. This world has no beginning and no end, and so is the infinite and eternal spirit within us. Once found a certain proof of the true nature of our spirit, no force in the universe, nothing and noone can influence us.